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Affordable website design . Get ranked on Google,Bing and Yahoo to be found.
We do eCommerce design such as shopping carts and local business listings + much more.

So if you are looking to get website design in look no further and call now!

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IWS offers basic websites staring at $199.

All websites are different and the amount of work that goes into them varies.

Pricing costs can depend on variables such as:

Content - this includes logo, photos and wording. If you have your own already that’s great! Keep in mind though it also has to factor in if these content items are in right format and if IWS has to rework them.

Photos/Logo - do they need to be resized or optimised for web use?

Wording - does it contain the right key words and density to get you found on search engines?

Pages- IWS sets basic SEO for each page so search engines (such as google) can find them. Making a website page the way you want it to look requires time and ties in with the content as mentioned above.

Type of website - making a online store and a simple business page are as the old saying goes - like comparing apples and oranges. Both are websites but they require a different build right from the start. If it is an online store there will be a page for each product and a content for each page which then includes more work for the items above.

Layout and effects - Fancy websites are great but simple ones can be just as effective. Every client IWS works with has their own idea on what the way they want their website to function therefore the layout will be different for each site. Example is if 3 business wanted a website, one may just simply need to display their contact number for bookings while another may want people to be able to submit a form to book online or another may run their whole booking system through it on the cloud.

So as you can see there are many variables that come into play when quoting for a site so the more information you can provide is appreciated and avoids unexpected expenses, IWS will give you the best price available from the start as a package deal. IWS has had clients in the past that want to save on costs so like with them, we are all for working with you for the best outcome for your business. If you or your staff want to do some of the work that is needed for a site we are more than happy to collaborate with everyone. Get in contact to see what IWS can do for your business!